"Little Marketing has given M.A.S Partners the focus that we required to better promote our business. Marketing is not about advertising, it is about communication, and every aspect of communication that we now have with clients and prospective clients is stamped with direction and focus. Thanks Michael & Little Marketing."

John Corias - Senior Partner, M.A.S Partners

"Little marketing was of great assistance in expanding our website to include more relevant information for our prospective clients. This includes product information, easy access to Facebook and blogs, and bringing into focus the product we are most interested in promoting. Also, we have noted in feedback that the new look of the website is more visually appealing to our consumers."

Zoe Macarounas - Director, Flowers by Zoe

"The session with Little Marketing made me think seriously about what our focus is in regard to our business marketing. It made me realise that we need to develop a sharper, more client needs directed approach. We will be changing how we operate as a result of this session!"

Bruce Gale - Partner, GJ Financial

"Little Marketing assisted in creating a competitive point of difference for my brand as well as a good foundation on which to communicate. Michael's ability to break down key areas of my business were unbelievable, made me realise what I was missing out on to get the message through to clients and delivering the right message through easy to understand methods which leave the client feeling comfortable with the end product. On Behalf of ANE Electrical Solutions I would like to thank Little Marketing for their help and very happy to recommend them to anyone else in the future."

Joseph Simeone - Director, ANE Electrical Solutions 

"Little Marketing assisted us in identifying our target market and a 12 month strategic plan to increase our client base and create more clear and targeted communication methods for our clientelle. We were also able to easily deal with their entire team to develop a clear business focus." 

Robert Hogarth - Director, Everlast Health 


"Michael and his team are extremely passionate about their work for small business and always put in 100%. The work they produce is second to none and we are so happy we came to Little Marketing."

Peter Manesis - Director, Femme Physique


"This workshop was informative, enlightening, interactive and professionally presented. I was especially pleased with all the knowledge you gave us and the interaction from other small business owners. You explained in detail the facts of marketing, positioning of a business in the market place and many other issues relating to the survival of companies. Again, I would extend my thanks for your help and introducing me to respectful business owners in Sydney. I look forward to continuing our relationship."

Steve Lambrinos - Director, Totalec 

"Being in business for over 10 years, we realised the wrong message was getting out to clients and prospective clients. Little Marketing gave us direction and focus through re-branding and positioning, and now the message being communicated is crystal clear. Thanks Michael & Little Marketing."

Corias Financial Planning

"I really appreciated Little Marketing’s help with the initial strategy session we had. The session helped me get a lot of my thoughts on paper and greater focus of where my business and I were headed."

Elise Pappas - Director, Treatment in Motion

"I recommend that a business uses Michael's marketing sequence from today's session to have a good look at current and future communication directions in order to increase their potential as we did."

Remo Krause - CEO, Zero Tolerance Consulting

"I found both Sat and Sun sessions entertaining and challenging. Michael’s presentation style, unique as it is, allowed me to focus on listening and thinking how to apply what you were speaking about. Thanks!"

Andrew Greig - Life Active

"Thank you so much for all the time you have so generously invested in our program, you have been a great teacher and role model, we are most appreciative!"

The Staff at Killara High

"Michael's seminar was a welcome introduction to our Business Short Seminars. His focus on the importance of communicating the write message and the best way to do this, along with his interactive style was brilliant. I know everyone in the room got something out of it for their business."

Servcorp Serviced Offices

"The information provided by Michael Kava from Little Marketing at the inaugural ESSA 2009 Business Forum was both educational and motivational. His knowledge and expertise on all things marketing was enthusiastically accepted by all delegates."

Laura Vidmar BSc(HMS), Professional Development Officer - Exercise Sports Science Australia (ESSA)