I have a website but it's not working for me, can you help?

We sure can.

Working through a process, from looking at what your website is communicating, to how your site is built, what your website looks like, what the competition is doing and how your search engine rankings compare to your competitors. We will present a plan of attack on how to improve the effectiveness of your website to ensure it is the powerful communications and business development tool it ought to be.

We can advise on the best way to move forward to ensure that your site is fully optimized to maximize traffic to your site. We often make incredibly simple, yet vitally important re-jigs to the layout so that customers can navigate their way around a site and find what they are looking for more easily, thus minimizing frustration and the chances of them leaving the website.

We will work with our own website division, Mini Design, to implement this advice through your website and make the necessary adjustments to bring your website to life.

Other potential adjustments could include making changes to your web copy to make your message simpler and clearer to understand. The layout and the services you are communicating may not be communicated in the most readable way, so we can help create a sleek look and feel to your site that is easy to follow while still getting your message out there effectively.

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